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  • Dot Dot Dot Rumble

    written by nyebe on 2012-04-24 #news
    Dot Dot Dot Rumble

    Alright! Here's something fresh for all you guys! Lomography and online cinema community, MUBI bring you this special rumble! Fire up your cameras because we want you to incorporate a playful pattern into your pretty photographs. So show us dot winning photo! Read more after the jump!

  • Dot Dot Dot Rumble Winners Announcement

    written by cruzron on 2012-09-01 #news
    Dot Dot Dot Rumble Winners Announcement

    Dots, dots, and more dots are the order of the day for our collaborative Dot Dot Dot Rumble together with MUBI. Curious as to who prevailed in our little contest? Find out after the jump!