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  • Haji Lane, Singapore

    written by dotdotdot on 2010-03-03 #places
    Haji Lane, Singapore

    Haji lane is in the Kampong Glam neighborhood of Singapore. Young people frequent the shop houses along this lane for the independent fashion boutiques and Middle Eastern cafes.

  • A Small Lane Named

    written by bao_wei on 2012-01-30 #places
    A Small Lane Named

    What can you expect from a lane? At the most, a few shops and some eateries? Then you will be amazed by a lane in Singapore called Haji Lane. Haji Lane is located at Kampong Glam, a heritage place for Malay culture, and it is a lane of wonders!

  • Summer Hot Spots: Haji Lane, One of its Kind

    written by syerowoo on 2013-08-22 #places
    Summer Hot Spots: Haji Lane, One of its Kind

    A place unlike any other, a place worth braving the sun for -- especially with your friends and your cameras! Take full advantage of the unique stalls set up here at Haji Lane!