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  • Fuji Natura Classica

    written by lucasjakobsson on 2008-11-10 #news
    Fuji Natura Classica

    <b>Picture Perfect - With Natural Light!</b>

  • Lomography Presents the Fuji Instax 210: A Real Wide Guy

    written by kazarareta on 2009-09-09 #news
    Lomography Presents the Fuji Instax 210: A Real Wide Guy

    Presenting the Fuji Instax 210 - time to make way for your camera storage as this is a definite pleaser! With its super-wide format and retro vibrant colours, bring back the old school instant film format in the new age!

  • Everybody Loves the Fisheye!

    written by larslau on 2009-01-02 #gear #tutorials
    Everybody Loves the Fisheye!

    The fisheye is my first camera ever - and I loved it. But after taking more than a hundred shots I realised that it wasn't the most versatile camera in the world. I thought that one could take the fisheye concept further - modify it in some way and still have the absurdity of a camera which can only take fisheye pics. At first I wanted to make a medium format fisheye - I tried to modify a Holga to have a designated fisheye lens, but it was rather hard to get the lens in focus. Then I tried to adjust the aperture and shutter speed of the fisheye which gave some very funky pictures.