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  • Music and Photography: The Slide Film to My Cross Processing

    written by reneg88 on 2011-07-11
    Music and Photography: The Slide Film to My Cross Processing

    Music is my daily bread. For years I’ve been submerged in a parallel reality that is defined by staffs, measures, beats, and pitches. But a little while ago I was presented with some fine spread for my bread: Lomography!

  • Make Your Prophecy Finalist: reneg88

    Make Your Prophecy Finalist: reneg88

    Congratulations to reneg88, one of the Make Your Prophecy Competition finalists! Read on to see his winning artwork and find out why he chose to represent the prophecy he did...

  • The Perfekt Horizon

    written by reneg88 on 2011-02-24 #gear
    The Perfekt Horizon

    If you're looking around to see if this camera is worth buying, before you read what I have to say, I must tell you...YOU NEED TO GET THIS CAMERA!

  • Minolta SR-T 102

    written by reneg88 on 2011-03-23 #gear
    Minolta SR-T 102

    Let's talk about the perfect camera for all of us obsessive compulsive lomographers who always need to get the perfect exposure, focus and depth of field in every picture. There's no way to not get the results you want with this camera.

  • Community LomoAmigo Reneg88 Gets Serious with his LomoKino

    written by mayeemayee on 2012-01-09 #people
    Community LomoAmigo Reneg88 Gets Serious with his LomoKino

    Meet Rene or reneg88 who is mostly known for his beautiful Lomographs uploaded in the Community. Viewing his photos is truly a delight but today we feature his movies taken with the glorious movie maker, the LomoKino. Read on and let yourself in for a future analogue surprise!

  • Canon AV-1: Photography Made Easy.

    written by don_giovanni on 2011-02-02 #gear
    Canon AV-1: Photography Made Easy.

    Always wanted an SLR camera but you were never quite sure where to begin with? DSLR prices scare you to the bone? You love lomography and live an analogue lifestyle? Introducing Canon's AV-1 SLR camera. A great way to start shooting stunningly beautiful pictures without having to waste hundreds of dollars on modern-day SLRs.

  • Portraits of Strangers: Click and Walk Away

    written by reneg88 on 2012-03-22
    Portraits of Strangers: Click and Walk Away

    I made it a 2012 New Year's Resolution to "Learn to fearlessly approach strangers" so that I could photograph these peculiar persons whom I know nothing about. But for the time being, I can sum up a few shots I've managed to get away without being noticed.

  • My Friend reneg88

    written by cinzinc on 2010-10-09
    My Friend reneg88

    Get to know our friend Rene aka Reneg88! A singer songwriter soon to be bringing us his lovely hits not just through his Lomographs, but who knows, through the airwaves! Find out more with this crazy fun interview by cinzic!

  • My First Lomo Year in Review 2010

    written by reneg88 on 2011-02-09
    My First Lomo Year in Review 2010

    I met Lomography in the beginning of 2010, and with my year anniversary as a Lomographer coming around, I thought I'd look down memory lane for my first year.

  • Make a Splash! With your Lomo LC-A+

    written by reneg88 on 2010-09-19 #gear
    Make a Splash! With your Lomo LC-A+

    There is no better way to spend your summer than splashing in the water, washing away the heat. And just when you thought it couldn't get better, along comes the Lomo LC-A+ Krab to let you take your favorite Lomo camera in the water with you!

  • Nikon N6006: The Beast from '91

    written by reneg88 on 2011-03-30 #gear
    Nikon N6006: The Beast from '91

    For 1991 this camera had all of the new technologies of the top of the line cameras. Today, 20 years later, it still is a spectacular and dependable camera.

  • Tribute to My Father

    written by reneg88 on 2011-07-06
    Tribute to My Father

    A man who at the age of 64 looks like he's in his 50's, rides a motorcycle everyday to work, and rocks the karaoke like no one else, is definitely worthy of a tribute.

  • A Hint of Red

    written by reneg88 on 2011-02-23 #gear
    A Hint of Red

    I had hoped for something like this when I put the film inside my camera. But when the results came in, boy was I glad how they turned out!

  • Keeping Spinning Around

    written by reneg88 on 2011-03-18 #gear
    Keeping Spinning Around

    Put your hand on the ring, pull the cord and watch the Spinner magic unfold before your eyes!

  • Lomography X-Pro 200: Grainy Saturation

    written by reneg88 on 2011-03-31 #gear
    Lomography X-Pro 200: Grainy Saturation

    I remember when this film first came out I was very much excited to try it out and soon enough placed an order for the first pack. When the results came back from the lab...well just read along to find out.

  • Lomography in a New Photography Book

    written by reneg88 on 2011-06-27 #news
    Lomography in a New Photography Book

    Late last year, I received an e-mail from author Matthew Bamberg asking me to use some of my Lomographs and maybe interview me for a new photography book he was writing. Now, a few months later, the book is finally out, and with a whole chapter dedicated to Lomography!

  • LomoPeople: Irina Pizarro

    written by reneg88 on 2010-11-18
    LomoPeople: Irina Pizarro

    When I was recently asked on what inspires me to grab my camera everyday and shoot like there's no tomorrow, it took only 1/250's of a second for the answer to pop in my head. Let me share to you the story of my muse: Irina.

  • Old San Juan Graveyard - Death By the Sea

    written by reneg88 on 2010-08-05 #places
    Old San Juan Graveyard - Death By the Sea

    I decided to make a location of one of the most important graveyards in Puerto Rico - the Santa María Magdalena Graveyard. Though it never even occurred to me that by being so close to death, it would take the life of my precious Diana F+.

  • Wilderness Beach

    written by reneg88 on 2010-09-03 #places
    Wilderness Beach

    Going down the hill of Punta Borinquen Golf Club is where you can find one of the most private, most beautiful beaches of my island, Puerto Rico, and it's time you get to know about it. But don't go and tell everyone about it - it's just our little Lomo secret!

  • Crash Boat Beach

    written by reneg88 on 2010-08-26 #places
    Crash Boat Beach

    Crash Boat is the most famous beach in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Everyone who visits Puerto Rico must come to Crash Boat, and YOU are no exception. It is definitely one of the country's best beaches so what are you waiting for? Visit and take a swim now!

  • Urban Adventure: Washington Square Park, NYC

    written by reneg88 on 2011-06-28 #places
    Urban Adventure: Washington Square Park, NYC

    I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Big Apple around three or four times. On one of those trips I stumbled into a park that made me re-visit it almost every single day that was left of my vacation. Read on to find out why.

  • Logan's Irish Pub

    written by reneg88 on 2010-10-06 #places
    Logan's Irish Pub

    After a hard day of work, there's nothing better than hanging out with your friends to release some pressure, meet new people and simply have a good time listening to live music and playing some pool. You can get all of this in Logan's Irish Pub!

  • Piñones (Puerto Rico)

    written by reneg88 on 2010-09-13 #places
    Piñones (Puerto Rico)

    Close to one of the most touristic spots in Puerto Rico, is one of its biggest and beautiful coast line beaches: Piñones. Get ready for a real Puerto Rican summer treat. The words 'alcapurria, bacalaíto, pastel, empanadilla, relleno, and pincho' probably don't mean much to you. But in Puerto Rico, they are the heart of beach snacks.

  • Lifestyle Feature of the Week

    written by denisesanjose on 2012-07-14
    Lifestyle Feature of the Week

    This week's featured Analogue Lifestyle article is "Fashion in Analogue: My Lower Case x" which is about the dress made of film, created by nikkaxxx from Spain. Translated by reneg88, it is the story of how the project came to be as well as scenes from the fashion show unveiling the lomotastic wearable art!

  • Café Urbano

    written by reneg88 on 2010-12-09 #places
    Café Urbano

    At the heart of Aguadilla is where you can find the most comfortable place to hang out in the city. Brace yourselves for evenings filled with funny moments, spontaneous activities, and a little craziness. Fellow Lomographers, I welcome you to Café Urbano.