Roller Town - Pushing Lomography 800CN to 3200

Selected images from an old school Roller Skating rink in Fresno, Ca. called Roller Town aka Cal Skate! I shot this with my Minolta X-570 & Lomography 800CN pushed to 3200! I had pushed 800CN before, so i knew what kind of tones to expect. When it came down to developing, I did a 10min pre-bath in Rodinal @ 68F. One slight swirl and let it sit. Then I processed the negatives at normal times w/ C41. The Rodinal takes care of the push processing so that i did not have to exhaust my C41 chems. I found this fantastic tip on Twitter from the #believeinfilm community! The images that you see here are for the most part untouched aside from dust removal and some contrast/brightness. I really like how 800CN pushes. I will have to order some more!

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