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  • Cooking with Poison

    written by novakmisi on 2011-08-10 #gear #tutorials
    Cooking with Poison

    This is a story of a film experiment I did with chemistry. It involves iron solution for Plant Protection. Go get your goggles and protect your eyes!

  • Flea Market

    written by novakmisi on 2011-08-01 #places
    Flea Market

    Sunday morning walk in a flea market in my town Subotica,Serbia.

  • Subotica, My Town in Serbia

    written by novakmisi on 2011-07-27 #places
    Subotica, My Town in Serbia

    The City Hall – A Masterpiece of Art Nouveau in Subotica, Serbia.

  • Dakar Rally 2012

    written by novakmisi on 2011-12-31 #places
    Dakar Rally 2012

    My town, Subotica in Serbia, Europe has a Dakar 2012 bike competitor named Gabor Saghmeister. Just a cold, big man. One of the best riders of Serbia, Subotica, Gabor Saghmeister is ready for a new Dakar Rally to be held from 1 to 15 January 2012. He is now with his team, which held a promotion in Freedom Square, where the citizens of Subotica could see the engine, which will be used this year as well as the engines that were used in the previous Dakar Rallies.