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  • Canon Sureshot A1 Underwater

    written by fash_on on 2009-03-10 #gear
    Canon Sureshot A1 Underwater

    A great point and shoot camera for winter sports, underwater and low light shots, with some excellent thoughtful features. Viewfinder is directly above lens (less parallax), 2 shutter buttons – the 2nd one has a 10 sec delay, self-timer), Flash can be manually On, Off, Auto/red eye, and Macro (closest 2ft on land, 1.5ft underwater).

  • Faro's Beach Where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic

    written by tmmluis on 2010-02-06 #places
    Faro's Beach Where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic

    Faro's beach is the southern place in Portugal, it is the place where the Mediterranean ends and the great Atlantic ocean begins.

  • What the Hell is Boxing Day?

    written by ipdegirl on 2011-12-22 #news
    What the Hell is Boxing Day?

    Like most Americans, visions of fighters dance in my head when you say "Boxing Day". After a little research, I discovered it's a day for much more than sporting events.

  • Roller Disco (Kuala Lumpur)

    written by weechonghooi on 2008-07-21 #places
    Roller Disco (Kuala Lumpur)

    Wang Roller World challenges your recreational rollerblading skills. Our friends were so excited, they can't wait a second to get into the rink. Rolling one-by-one, going hand-by-hand, holding waists forming a "Train" or "Snake". The boys did their train, and so did the girls...