1. cmart
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  2. aibarchin
    aibarchin ·

    @cmart thanks! have a nice day!!!

  3. an4
    an4 ·

    sehr schön, nice shot

  4. aibarchin
    aibarchin ·

    @an4 thanks man!

  5. hervinsyah
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  6. aibarchin
    aibarchin ·

    @hervinsyah :) :)

  7. cmart
    cmart ·

    @aibarchin congrats on photo of the day

  8. aibarchin
    aibarchin ·

    @cmart hi! Good morning :) what means photo of the day? I'm a newbie! Jaja!

    Thanks for all!

  9. cmart
    cmart ·

    everyday, lomography picks one photo as photo of the day, i think they give you piggie points for it, 10 points maybe. lomography selected your above photo as photo of the day, I think it was yesterday or Thursday. check the magazine later or next week, it might say it again in the this week in lomography section. and check in your piggy points to see if you received any new points.

  10. aibarchin
    aibarchin ·

    Ohh!! Thank you so much! In the spanish website it doesn't appear!
    I will check more contents in the .com website!

  11. cmart
    cmart ·

    here it is this week on lomography, https://www.lomography.com.tr/magazine/326646-this-week-on-…

  12. aibarchin
    aibarchin ·

    @cmart thanks! haha i didn't know this achieve! thank you.

  13. goonies
    goonies ·

    last time i where in Firenze i spent 20 euros in that photoboot

  14. aibarchin
    aibarchin ·

    @goonies It is the best way to spend your money! Haha

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