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  • My Kodachrome T-Shirt

    written by floriansimon on 2011-01-14
    My Kodachrome T-Shirt

    Kodak took our Kodachrome away and I have not even shot a single roll. Since it seems impossible to get a roll and send it to Dwayne's Photo, I decided to create a T-shirt in honor of this unique emulsion.

  • Lomography X Tungsten 64 35mm Review

    written by shuttersentinel17 on 2011-11-28 #gear
    Lomography X Tungsten 64 35mm Review

    Lomography's newest film is nothing short of a masterpiece! When I saw sample photos taken using this film, I decided that I should give the Lomography X Tungsten a try. It produces photos with an ethereal quality! Take a look at some street snapshots I took using this film and my Zenit EM.