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  • Olympus XA2: Amazing 35mm Compact Camera

    written by yokekei on 2012-03-14 #gear
    Olympus XA2: Amazing 35mm Compact Camera

    The Olympus XA2 is an amazing 35mm compact camera with a clamshell cover which protects the lens. A closed clamshell will automatically lock the shutter release, thus you don't have to worry about accidentally pressing it. It is absolutely a convenient and user-friendly camera.

  • Olympus XA - 2

    written by ipdegirl on 2008-11-28 #gear
    Olympus XA - 2

    In these tough economic times it can be hard to part with your cash, even in support of your photography addiction. If you're longing for an LC-A but just can't scrape together the money, try an Olympus XA2, often called the 'Poor Man's LC-A"