Which Lomography cameras can be used for pinhole photography?

A few Lomography cameras have pinhole photography function, namely the Diana F+, Diana Instant Square, LomoMod No. 1, and the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator.

Diana F+ – The Diana F+ is a fun camera with lots of creative features, including a pinhole function which you can use by removing the lens, switching to the pinhole function and using bulb mode.

Credits: reneg88, finasteride

Diana Instant Square – Yes, even the Diana Instant Square can be used for pinhole photography, too! Similar to the Diana F+, you can use the Diana Instant Square’s pinhole function by removing the lens and switching to the pinhole function.

Credits: mimi8909, lisafot

Diana Multi Pinhole Operator – This camera amps up pinhole photography with one to three pinholes in one medium format frame. As it comes with color filters you can use, the results are crazy creative images that redefine pinhole photography.

Credits: rie, dfred

LomoMod No. 1 – This cardboard 120 do-it-yourself camera has liquid-filled lens, but one way to make this unique experimental camera fit for pinhole is to construct it without the lens. You can opt to put a cardboard where the lens should be and turn it into a pinhole camera with the help of aluminum foil instead. Another way is to customize an aperture plate into a pinhole as seen in this video.

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