What is pinhole photography?

Sample DIY Pinhole Camera by Community Member raypg

Pinhole photography is the stripped down version of photography. Instead of an actual lens and a sophisticated system, pinhole photography makes use of a tightly-sealed box and a pinhole (also called an aperture) to capture light and create images.

Credits: tjbeard8985, oleman, troch, hhjm

In pinhole photography, light passes through a tiny hole and projects an inverted image on the paper or film on the inside of the box. Since very little light goes through the pinhole, exposure time often takes longer in this raw form of photography.

Also, as a result, pinhole photos can be blurry with noticeable vignettes (darker shadows around the edges of the image.)

Credits: kleeblatt, dakadev_pui, tveden, bkspicture, dfred,

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