How should I store my instant photos?

When it comes to storing instant photos a lot people simply throw them in an old shoebox or desk drawer. This is actually not necessarily a bad way to store your photos. The most important thing is that you should always keep your photos out of direct sunlight to minimize fading, and avoid extreme temperatures that could also damage the emulsion.

However, if you want to keep your instant photos in good condition for many years to come you can also take some additional measures.

Don’t stack your photos on top of each other as they will become warped over time. Instead it’s better to store them upright in rows.

If you have a lot of instant photos it is also a good idea to separate and label them in batches. This way you won’t need to sort through them all to find the photo you’re looking for and marking and scratching many photos in the process.

Another good idea is to keep them in albums such as our Lomorello DIY albums. By doing this you can preserve your photos for as long as possible while easily being able to go back to peruse the precious memories you have captured.

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