I got a Diana Baby 110 but unfortunately the camera was faulty - as you can clearly see, no squares and terrible overlapping - and Lomography sent me another one. Haven't tested the new one yet. These 2 films were ruined (sad face emoticon) but still, I enjoy the pure retro feeling of the camera!


  1. klawe
    klawe ·

    I have just removed the remains of packaging paper between the two plastic lenses of our "Lomo Fisheye baby 110". With this camera, too, the frames on the film move further and further to the right site ;-)

  2. fisheyemary
    fisheyemary ·

    @klawe Maybe your camera is faulty too?? You have to send faulty pics to the Lomography support email and if confirmed, they will send you a new one!

  3. klawe
    klawe ·

    @fisheyemary I think so, faulty and more than 2 years old, out of stock... Thanks a lot :-)

  4. fisheyemary
    fisheyemary ·

    @klawe if the warranty has expired, I don't think they will replace it... but it's worth a try!