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This is my top tip for the Fisheye :-)
Get a load of colour filter gels (gb me if you want to know how to get them free). Use any old cheap ordinary film - I used the Kodak Colour Plus 200 asa film that I get free when I send my films to a postal lab for developing. Pick a colour filter, hold it over the lens or the flash (if you are using the flash) take your shot. Wind the film on but watch the rewinder to see how far it goes around. Before taking the next shot rewind the film part way. Pick another colour gel and take another picture. Wind on and rewind as before. Repeat an repeat until you get to the end of the film. Ask the lab to just process the film, not to cut the negs or produce prints. Produce the images on your scanner. The results are so funky AND this is cheaper than cross processing AND you get more pics from the roll of film. I got 30 shots from a 24 roll. Coooool or what!! "

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