Freedom don't come easy

Alright I will come out with the outstanding trademark of this landmark right now: It is is the largest parade ground in all Europe - big tush - even bigger tush. Well, this said we have to say of course that parade grounds are not so spectacular in most places of the world, but in the former Soviet Union averything militaristic had a certain sex-appeal. And of course the freedom square is adorned with massive lenin. One icon of the past, who still feels the force of the future. The square was build with its 12 ha in the 1920s. Funny enough it formely was named Felix Dershinsky-Square, until 1996 (!). Now this guy founded the KGB - so he wasn´t really a freedom-fighter, was he?
Such a grand space in front of the karasin university is used quite effectively nowadays. There are go-kart-races taking place on this third largest square in Europe and it is the place for concerts. Now hold on to your chair - a mere 350.000 viewers witnessed last Fall the concert of Queen with Paul Rogers. 750 meters long and 125 meters wide you just saw people. For a comparison. Robbie Williams legendary concerts in Knebworth Park had been watched by 115.000 viewers. Now that is something. You might get the DVD from the show....,_Kharkiv

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