La Défense

La Défense is one of the most known and prestigious sights in the french capital. But wait a minute, i heard that the massive and modern replication of the arc de triomphe in this business quartier does not belong to Paris!? Well that might be the Parisian interpretation.

But hence it is not really counted as City-Centre the prices at the hotels are almost half of those within Paris. La Défense is situated in the commune Neuilly-sur-Seine, where Nicolas Sarkozy started his political career.

The metro and the RER are really fast heading from there to any parts ofParis and so it was the perfect choice for me, when I had to work in Paris this October. Because I was busy during the day I always came only at night to my hotel and in the darkness I was really surprised by the Building as it was iluminated and shined like a square moon.

This was really impressive and I pulled out my LC-A+ with its wideangle. The Square around the Arc is very well structured, but getting around by car is a real mess. There is a circular Street with loads of oneways and you can drive around for hours not finding your intersection. So be advised to take the metro there and away. And anyway, if you are there you don’t have to leave no more, because you can shop until you drop, rest in a park or go to a cinema. There is everything you would like for a perfect tourist day

black city defense france lomo night paris
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