Casina Murgecchia

There are different ways to stay the night whilst traveling through the south of Europe. One big thing in France and Italy is Agritourism. This is, when farmers also become hoteliers! They start investing and built bungalows and casa’s to accommodate tourist. The restaurants are often excellent, because they just have all the ingredients around the corner – fresh.

These agritouristical places are often far away from the big cities and deliver a high degree of tranquility. In our case we wanted to stay close by to Bari in the south of Italy and eventually found the Casina Murgecchia in Grumo Appula. It was in July or something, but despite the height of the season we were the only ones around. Often you come to those places and all you find is dogs and cats. but at a certain time the main man comes by, because his workers tell him, that something is happening. The casina Murgecchia had a fantastic pool and was in the middle of a field of Olive-Trees. A paradise. I particularly liked the dogs and cats, who are really friendly to everyone – but i gotta say – wild animals are a bit filthy. So I right away had to jump into pool after touching them.

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