Fish in a Tin

There is a long history of German travelers going to Italy in the summer. It all started in the 50’s and 60’s. When the Teutonians first discovered, that you could actually do a vacation abroad instead of conquering new living space;)

With the years more and more Krauts came and they were not alone. The english and French had the same idea and suddenly it became a bit tight at the beach. One of the Hot Spots – literally speaking – is definitely Rimini. As signs of the touristic boom in the past decades are concrete hotel-villages at the shore and a high bus traffic. Rimini does not only have a long beach and a close connection to the port of Ancona, with San Marino it has the most surreal theme-park just a stone throw away.

It depends of course what kind of beaches you prefer. In Rimini you surely feel like a fish in the tin, squeezed in between pre-cooked red lobster. Everything is so structured, that it could actually be German. Where is all the Italian chaos?;) But it is a business and the beach is one of the greatest resources you could imagine.

In one way or the other, you should have at least one Rimni-experience in your life to appreciate the privacy of your own whirlpool and just to talk about it! The beach in Rimini!

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