I like Spain. The people range from muy freaky to muy gentil and it is always a joy talking to them. Additionally they have rather my height than the ones from the Teutonian tribe, which makes it much easier to integrate for me, too. And the country has some exceptional beautiful spots offside the normal touristic routes - off the record. Quite a while ago I have been to Tossa de Mar, which lays a one and a half hour cardrive away from Barcelona. I was there in January and I couldn´t believe that sun has already such energy to shine at the fullest until the evening. It is not extraordinary hot, but anyway, it´s the light that makes the magic of happiness.
And not only, of couse your camera apreciates this little extra of light, too.
I would recommend going there in the off-season, hence the hotels, menus and everything connected is quite a bit cheaper. Also you will have a lot of space on the beach and in the tapas-bars for yourself - I mean, there is always the option to take a boat to mallorca or Ibiza, if you are keen on company - there you are definitely not alone - at no time.
In Tossa you have a little castello and quite a few ancient streets. Nonetheless, the prime Highlights are certainly the silence of the sea and of course the beach, which gave the city the name. There are three beaches, which are attached straight to the road, but that doesn´t disturb you, because traffic is minor in this area. And for me everything was centered around the rescue-ring at the beach, almost like the core of this place.

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