Welcome to Lithuania, the country sometimes called “the land of the lakes”... And if you’re interested in lakes, let’s go to the one, that is named the deepest lake of Lithuania, Tauragnas. The little village near it is called after the name of the lake, Tauragnai (different ending only). The lake is 60,5 m deep and what is more, this lake also has the highest “up the sea level” of all the lakes in Lithuania (165 m). It is around 10 km long, and the coastline is about 25 km. Let’s forget the figures for a while, and think what can be done there… I’ll tell you – fishing, diving, sunbathing, rowing the boat, going on the windsurfing (after about 40 minutes i managed to stay up for around the minute… till again I fell into the water). What is more, the area is a national park, so you can easily go biking, jogging, walking, mushrooming, wild-berry’ing and so on. All the area around the lake is tourism-friendly, some villages have tourism centers, there are campings, places for the night to stay renting a house, flat or even the space on the grass for your car. Just remember when you’re in the middle of this lake – it is the deeeeepest one, my friend…


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TAURAGNAS lake vacation
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