1. paper_doll
    paper_doll ·

    absolutely amazing!

  2. strangelilgirl
    strangelilgirl ·

    oh wow great portrait!!! this might be the best one i've seen yet...looks like a scene from a mystery or horror movie...but such great composition, color and mood!

  3. u-t-e
    u-t-e ·

    Damnit! This is incredible!!! Perfect!

  4. filby
    filby ·

    yes... that's very very good.

  5. anelfandhiszippo
    anelfandhiszippo ·

    nice self-portrait

  6. elede
    elede ·


  7. ziggy-s
    ziggy-s ·

    Fabulous!love the mirror too

  8. adamo-75
    adamo-75 ·

    Wow, great shot!

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