These shots were taken with my Diana F+ using the Fuji Instax Mini back. For the light swirls, I used the B (bulb) setting on the camera which allows the shutter to be held open as long as I am holding down the shutter release...then I moved the camera around in a circular motion over a candle...then (without advancing the film) I took a shot of someone, again holding down the shutter release...and triggering the Diana F+'s flash which i was holding at arms length about 4 or 5 feet from the subject. This is a fun technique for shooting with the B setting, but only works in dark places, like the restaurant we were in.

For the "split image" shots, I had forgotten my Diana F+ I just taped over half the lens,,,took one half of a persons face....swapped the tape...and took the other half of someone elses face.

I took these shots at Rain Sushi in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. We had a Seattle Lomography Adventure Club (SLAC) meet there on 11/11/09...had a great turn out ...and it was tons of fun ;)

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