karolina xmas morning @ graceland

after a short stay in downtown memphis, we made our way to graceland... neither of us were into going in (it was closed anyway being xmas), but we did want to see it... i've been twice before on private tours, back in the day with the band... my take on it is that elvis was a little tacky in his decorating choices (to say the least)... but there is something kind of erie about the whole place... definitely worth checking out if you're ever in memphis... i was also glad to get here and get out of town and drive for a while, because we had a long way to go, and i wanted to be home by the next night... the saddest part of it was that there was this old woman in front of the gates by herself, holding a purse with elvis's picture on it... on xmas morning... i didn't get a shot of her... i felt exploitative... i guess that's why i'll never be a great photographer...

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