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Basically we were like in this field with a sledge and there were horses, they moved slowly towards us and we were cornered in the field and we were worrying, and because we are both from the city it got really scary, like I had no idea if they were going to kill us or eat us OR if we were just being really irrational and they only wanted to come over for a hug or something but then the fence was electric and in my mind that signified wild insane horses that had come straight out of mental institutes for horses or some high security delinquent horse lockup or something god I just don't know but we weren't really used to it and it could have potentially taken our lives as technically we shouldn't have been there because when you go beyond your natural boundaries it's either really cool and adventurous or it's fucking insane and you risk your life.

That said, farmers would probably have laughed at us for being so silly and pathetic, but it was right not to take the risk wasn't it? I had horse-riding lessons when I was younger but they were proper tamed horses and even then I was buckarooed at age three because a tractor scared the little horse, I had a chunk of my kneecap bitten off by a horse who turned around for something aged 8 and a horse trod on my foot (ouch) aged 12 so yeh.

I like to console myself with the fact that an old farmer would probably act like a complete fool in front of a computer and I would laugh at him (actually, I wouldn't because that wouldn't be nice, but you get the idea).

- by Mat

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