Animatus - work of Hyungkoo Lee

Since the 31st of May and until the 31st of August 2008, the Naturhistorisches Museum of Basel is presenting an amazing exhibition by South Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee.
We all know cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny or Tom & Jerry, but would we ever have expected to see their anatomy? Hyungkoo Lee is showing us through his work sort of a reversed process: paleontologists usualy start with bones and skeleton to recreate life (this is how we can figure out how dinosaures may have looked like, though noone has ever met one); Hyungkoo Lee on the contrary starts with a familiar creature to give it shape and, incredibly, life through its anatomy.
This extraordinary exhibition is not only about art, but also science, evolution and communication.
If you have the chance of visiting Basel or if you have the chance that this exhibition is coming in your town, run and go see it!
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Animatus - Work of Hyungkoo Lee
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