violet overexposed

HOLGA 135BC (black corner) what is the truth behind this plastic black box? why at LSI nobody wanna talk about it? why the LSI delete my gallery from the Blog (christmas days 2007)and never restored it? maybe the answer is in this album.


  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Re. LSI: I had a blog turned down about finding lost photos I had taken long ago with a long lost Canon VT with a Zunow f/1.1 lens (!!!) of Baklava. Since the story contained the recipe for the Baklava, they said it was not Lomographic enough!! See my Editorialisations album fot the Recipe and most of the story. I think LSI is awfully random about things. No paranoia involved!

  2. frau_von_bylla
    frau_von_bylla ·

    Great colour!

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