First roll of Agfa Optima 100 with Diana+. Ever the idiot, my intention was to shoot 12 frames without a mask but, being a Diana+ and 120 virgin, I had the frame counter set to 16. I didn't realise this until it showed 13. That's my excuse anyway. That said, the results are more pleasing than I'd expected. I now think I have a firmer grasp of how to use the little plastic devil, so next time the pics should be a) aligned, and b) not overlap and need the cropping I had to do to get these from Spectrum's scans. I've hopefully also cured the light leak (I'm not a fan of this abstract phenomenon) visible in the top of some of these shots having stuffed Interslice foam around the rear door, and painted the inside matt black. Although I suppose it could be creeping in the top of the lens somewhere. Next roll will tell which.

first diana+
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