There's little chance of crime here

I spent the last day of the 2007 Holker Garden Festival helping out with the Kendal Shopmobility stand. I say helping, my job was to drive the lorry with all the scooters in back to Kendal afterwards.

It was a funny day for light. Overcast, but still quite bright. This set is the only roll I put through a Konica Pop that I've now passed on. Film's CT Precisa 100, allegedly x-pro'd, but most shots have come out a bit blown in the highlights. Not sure why, could be that the cam was dodgy, a duff roll, or the lab I used. It was one I hadn't been to before for x-pro, and I suspect they may have goofed the processing. I'll use Spectrum again next time I think.

Holker Garden Festival
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