Let's go out with a bang, lomo style. I got my hands on this expired but very well kept Fuji Sensia 400 on eBay for a whopping $4usd per roll. First roll I shot early this year and had my lab dunked in E6. This time, I said to myself, I gotta xpro it. I don't want to blow it out like I did with my last roll of Provia, so I underexpose a stop in camera and have the lab dunk it in C41 with no pushing or pulling. Lush lomo tones ensue, the kinda stuff you saw back in 2011 when this site was poppin' with that stuff. Every thing was cross processed back then; hell, you could even cross process your mom if you wanted to. That's a joke. But I mean, look at these tones and colors. They pop. They vingette. They were shot on an LC-Wide I got on the cheap. This was the stuff I longed for when I used to do graphic design. I longed for something analog, something palpable. Thus I began film again first time out of highschool. That's my lomo story. Anyway, RIP 2022, you were a cool year I guess. Hoping 2023 is the year we develop quantum beatboxing. Stay golden, pony boy.

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