Some shots from Bern and Zurich at the end of the roll during a nice sunny day in April. And for this roll I tested the new Ars-Imago "Monobath Eco" : 8mn for processing and fixing, that's all! And it's an ecological formula so you can discard it without any worries in your sink. Of course, as with every monobath processing, you got a very high amount of contrast, as the developper is quiet strong, acts in the first 3 mn before the fixer takes over. It's given for 8 films (8mn for rolls 1-4, 16mn for rolls 5-8). Not recommended for T-Grain films, like TMax, Tri-X or Fomapan. It's sold for 16,90€, that's not the cheapest chemical for 8 films, but it's easy and quick to use.

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