Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah

This is Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah, Pasar Besar stands for Wet Market in Malay. One of a favourite place for photographers and geographers too. This place is considered as Kota Bharu Central Market, but it's completely different from the Central Market in Kuala Lumpur. However, don't get yourself lost in the symmetrical alike maze, I still got myself lost in the market, because it is still big and confusing to me, I face the problem of going out the maze correctly in a single try since young, oh dear. Anyway, it's a beautiful colourful place where my mom used to bring me here a lot. Also where I used to hate to be there the most, because ground floor is stink and watery.

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    great composition!

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