After a long time I finally decided to publish the scans of the roll of Lomography Metropolis film that I shot with Plaubel Makina 67 last summer. This film stock is mind-blowing! The colors are just perfect - not much saturated with a little bit of green. I love it! The scans are raw and there is plenty of dust visible but I really like this look ❤️ Thank you Willie for giving me the opportunity to use this absolute gem among the medium format cameras 📷🎞️ I know my first photos with this camera are not very sharp but I was trying to focus without my glasses so... 😋 Thank you Guys for the great photographers meeting in Germany last year - Caroline, Tom, Marco, Jasmina, Bene and David 🥰 And thank you @lomography for creating Metropolis! 🎞️🥰 #analogphotography #filmphotography #filmisnotdead #plaubelmakina67 #ancuper #plaubelmakinaclub #mediumformatfilm #mediumformatphotography #filmfeed #lomography

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