Chronologically in the order i pulled out the film, these images fit between 1 and 2 and I think I have two other sets of about a hundred that go before 2. This is found film, film found in the garbage pile at a local antique store. I asked what it was worth and was told to just take it because "no one develops film anymore." Not only do I develop film, I relish a challenge and this has posed one. Film developed in #Acufine due to grain concerns and KI added to restrain a very jubilant developer. If I hadn't gone to What's on Second that very day, the film would have been gone. Tossed in the dumpster with pickup the next day. I feel I must tell this story because it's there, just waiting to be uncovered. #filmwillnotdie All hand developed, in the bathroom in my basement. #DIY #PanatomicX

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