Apparently, many of my favourite cameras are originally from Dresden, Germany (thanks for pointing that out, @andre30 !), and I've become a bit obsessed with that fact... Here's another batch of test shots from a mid-Thirties Welta Perle – I think I've figured out the best film for this handsome relic.


  1. rolfmg
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  2. rolfmg
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    ...and unbelievable what you get out with this antique camera. So far I have not have that luck with my pre war vintage cameras.

  3. anttihoo
    anttihoo ·

    @rolfmg Hey, thanks! It often takes a bit of work to make them run smoothly again, but I enjoy fiddling with their simple yet elegant mechanics... Thirties cameras were built to last – and designed to be easily repaired!

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