Orca - trash developed!

Developed semi stand two rolls on the spool
i need to agitated the 110er more to avoid underdev’d parts.
Due to problems to get the two rolls in the spool
one film sleeps in a moisty tank while the other one waits in my papersafe.
see the difference!


  1. fictionuk
    fictionuk ·

    I got to dev my own 110's. I'm fine with 35mm but never done 110. How and what are you using as a spiral/spool ?

  2. stereograph
    stereograph ·

    @fictionuk yeah you should! :-) i built a 110er spool after this tipster here: www.lomography.com/magazine/241548-how-to-make-a-fully-func…
    the only problem i had was that the lower part of standdeveloped b/w films were underdeveloped because of the flanks of the spool. knoiw i agitate more and it works well!

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