The lovely English summer is always a time for a visit to the seaside. So we went to Margate and the sky was a magnificent maelstrom of tarnished silver and dark white.


  1. heliossstardeath
    heliossstardeath ·

    clumping silver in the clouds. not quite how you do that

  2. malcolm_tremain
    malcolm_tremain ·

    @heliossstardeath Ah, well...hmmm. Remember that the dark bits on a print are where there is no silver, just holes that let the photons from Helios through. The silver is the light bits that get in the way of the photons. Many people think that the "grain" they see in a photograph is bits of silver but it is actually the gaps between the silver they can see. So this negative doesn't have much silver left.

  3. heliossstardeath
    heliossstardeath ·

    and yet... it is the few remaining bits arranged as such which cast this thin image, notwithstanding all that it has feeling in spades Malcolm.

  4. malcolm_tremain
    malcolm_tremain ·

    @heliossstardeath I suppose it proves the old adage that less is more. But only just...

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