1. leisuresuit
    leisuresuit ·

    You did good work with the fines top c41 kit. I'm still waiting for it to become available here.

  2. jinzo
    jinzo ·

    @leisuresuit Thank you!!
    Yeah this one looks good.
    Although I made a lot of scratches in removing remjet.
    And I see uneven development on another motion picture film with third time used chemical.
    I'm still trying to figure it out😅

  3. jinzo
    jinzo ·

    @leisuresuit Hope you could use the kit soon!!

  4. annalisa-gaeta87
    annalisa-gaeta87 ·


  5. jinzo
    jinzo ·

    @annalisa-gaeta87 Thank you !!

  6. glupyihanurik
    glupyihanurik ·

    magic 🔮

  7. jinzo
    jinzo ·

    @glupyihanurik THANK YOU😊

  8. hanibale
    hanibale ·


  9. jinzo
    jinzo ·

    @hanibale 😆😆

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