Memorial Complex

After the Second Balkan war and the First national catastrophe that followed, South Dobrudja is included within the Romanian kingdom. Romanian government invests a great deal of money for the new border strengthening and only in two years they turn Tutrakan in one of the most powerful castles on Danube.
On September 1st 1916 Bulgaria declares war to Romania to in order to maintain its national reputation. Part of the Third Bulgarian army including the Fourth Preslav Infantry Division, the first unit of the First Sofia Division and the Danube detachment under the command of Gen. Panteley Kiselov stand against a mighty Romanian fighting forces.
At the yearly morning on September 5th 1916 the attack starts. Despite the furious Romanian defense, the front line falls by the same night. The attack continuous the next day with the same impetus. At 3.30 p.m. Romanian garrison surrender. At 6p.m. Gen. Panteley Kiselov marches trough the liberated Tutrakan. Bulgarian army takes prisoner 450 officers, 28 000 soldiers and the whole weapon equipment of the enemy.
After the epic battle the command of the IV Preslav Infantry Division decides to burry all Bulgarian and Romanian dead soldiers at fort №7 of the Romanian fortification line of the fortress, at 8km from Tutrakan.
Over 8000 soldiers including 1764 Bulgarians rest in peace in Tutrakan.
Grateful generation rises a monument in 1922, preserved till nowadays. There is a sign on the monument in Bulgarian, German, Romaniqn and Turkish says “Honor and glory for those who know how to die heroic for theit country”.
In 1996 a campaign for building a Glory Alley and writing the names of the dead soldiers begins with the finance support of the municipalities in the region. The patriotic campaign is completed.
In 2002 a project for the space designing of Memorial complex "Military tomb-1916" is fulfilled. Within the project a park, a scene for official celebrations are built and two cannons “Krup” are installed to be guardians for eternity. Church “St. George the Conqueror” is officially opened in the spring of 2007.
Daly the memorial welcomes visitors – citizens and relatives of the departed, who lay flower wreath at the graves of Tutrakan and Dobruja heroes.
A culmination peak of the nation reverence and gratitude are the ceremonies and memorial services at St. George's celebration at and the first Sunday of September.
- Courtesy of the Tutrakan Museum -

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