Sunday family walk along the Loire

Two weeks ago, we had beautiful spring weather, the first Sunday with very pleasant temperatures. We decided to take a walk along the Loire, around a small picturesque village, Veauchette. And I took the opportunity to test my latest acquisition, a #Minolta #CLE and its 40mm M-Rokkor lens.


  1. msiegel
    msiegel ·

    Very fine pics. I do not have a Rokkor for my CLE, they seemed overly expensive at the time and the coating seems to attract fungus. Or the price range I thought acceptable only has fungus Rokkor lenses. So I use what I have in M-mount (not much) or an M to LTM adapter.

  2. gheinz
    gheinz ·

    @msiegel Thanks. I found this Minolta CLE on Ebay (coming from Japan), and it was available with 2 lenses : one M-Rokkor 40 mm and one M-Rokkor 90 mm.

  3. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    @msiegel The fungus problem mostly affects the 28mm lens, with white dots appearing inside the lens, quiet impossible to find a clean one. The Rokkor 40 is one of the best M-Mount lenses you can find, specially in this focal length (as there's no Leica 40mm lens...)

  4. msiegel
    msiegel ·

    @vicuna I have soft spot for Minolta cameras and lenses. But as I said I could not rectify the cost for an M-mount Rokkor. I'll be moving soon and have to keep my money together ;-)

  5. msiegel
    msiegel ·

    @vicuna I envy you. Take care and regards, Martin in Austria

  6. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    @msiegel Thanks, take care as well!

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