December 2020. Krakow city in winter. Polaroid SNAP Polaroid SNAP is something on a verge of analogue and digital camera. It doesn't use photosensitive material but instead it uses the Zink Paper. Yes, You can put a micro SD card into the machine to get digital photos on it, however You can also remove the card and then Your photos exist only on an analogue, physical way of small pieces of paper, similar to Instax Mini paper. Well, I was interested how the camera works and how the photos looks, so I tested one. Those are scans from the actual Zink Paper physical photos; I didn't use the SD card in my Polaroid, so pictures don't exist in a digital form at all - I used the machine in a analogue fashion. Also, it's worth to mention, the Polaroid SNAP can make (on the same paper) colour, black & white and sepia photos. A nice feature. Anyway, the result is in form of interesting LO-FI tiny pictures.

polaroid snap
December 2020. Krakow city in winter. Polaroid SNAP
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