Armillaria mellea - autumn mushrooms.

Siberia. Second or third week of autumn. New mushrooms appear in the forest - these are autumn honey agarics (autumn agaricsautumn Armillaria mellea mushrooms) ("опята" [opiata]). Perhaps there are no other edible mushrooms that have so many poisonous counterparts. Therefore, collecting them is not easy. Not every mushroom picker is able to distinguish a good autumn honey agarics (autumn Armillaria mellea mushrooms) ("опята" [opiata]) from a poisonous one. Each mushroom requires special attention. And each from it need to look. And each need to sniffed. And each need tried. And just in case, we need to took pictures. And then If lucky you need changed roles... #Siberia #autumn #forest #mushrooms #genre #portrait


  1. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    Great portrait and album

  2. awa-awa
    awa-awa ·

    Thank you for your attention, opinion and emotions.
    This year we had a very lot of mushrooms. Autumn honey agarics too. A lot of mushrooms is when there are many of them. But on this day we found only one beautiful mushroom family. And it was enough for us that to have glad and to take a picture.

  3. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro ·

    thank you for following me. Tomorrow 1 March is our first day of autumn. In Te Reo Maori your lomo name means river,river

  4. awa-awa
    awa-awa ·

    Thanks. Very unexpected. And I must say - it's nice. I have been using these letters for a long time. I love their joint graphics and phonetics. And I confess, I like in it - a complete lack of meaning their. There is no identical meaning - just sound. You appeared as a wizard. You've brought some stir to my brand house. Apparently, this is how the chains of events are built. More recently, in December, for the first time in my life, there was a reason to look into the map exactly in the very place in the Pacific Ocean where the islands of French Polynesia are scattered. From Siberia, these islands, this land are like another planet. I think for me the probability of being there is a little higher than being at least on the moon. Less than two weeks have passed and another surprise from those most extraordinary mysterious and nice places. Once again thank you so much for "Awa" from land Te Reo Maori.

  5. awa-awa
    awa-awa ·

    Thank you for your attention, opinion and emotions.
    In your account on this resource, you scatter such attractive pearls of your creativity that it is impossible to pass by.

  6. djimbee
    djimbee ·

    this is a very heartwarming photo and collection. it's always a sign of hope that people still "listen" to the land and understand what it says. thank you for sharing!

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