The best bit about photography is the memories. I remember vividly being seduced by the beauty of the swans and quickly firing off 3 or 4 shots before actually taking in the scene as a whole. It was only then that i noticed the distant scenery with the sun bursting through the clouds and thinking that a backlit shot might be worth a punt! The xa2 's meter did a great job in rendering everything in silhouette but i wouldnt change it now! A year later and taking these negatives into the darkroom i'm re-living the memories, these two shots are ones that i will probably print again again darker, lighter, toned, cropped, bigger, smaller, the possibilities are endless. Paper is best:)

Olympus XA2
Paterson phototec 100
Darkroom prints of old and new


  1. peterpan61
    peterpan61 ·

    great shot!!!

  2. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro ·

    Great shot indeed with more printing options to explore. I do like the use of negative space Simon

  3. neufotomacher
    neufotomacher ·

    Truly, an awesome use of black. And the formation of the swans on water, orderly like a beautiful molecule.

  4. charliedontsurf
    charliedontsurf ·

    @peterpan61 @lomodesbro @neufotomacher thank you very much:) Des, I take the negative space with a pinch of salt lol, I didn't really see a composition in this when I took the photo, just a big jumble of swans! Mike, its as black as I could get it, probably with fresh paper it could be even darker. I never posted this before as a negative scan, it just didn't look that interesting but on paper it seems to come alive.

  5. lizkoppert
    lizkoppert ·

    @charliedontsurf, I tend to agree with Des (@lomodesbro) and Mike (@neufotomacher). Super shot. :)

  6. charliedontsurf
    charliedontsurf ·

    @lizkoppert cheers Liz!!

  7. hilomx
    hilomx ·


  8. charliedontsurf
    charliedontsurf ·

    @hilomx thanks!

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