this proimage 100 exposed with a Pentax K 1000 set on 64 ASA by lovely we swapped at I put it in my Yashica FR 1 set on 64 ASA as well. As I knew that the film already got too much light now I dropped it in a soup made of green tea, lemon juice and baking soda for 38 hours. Here is what came out :)


  1. briany
    briany ·

    Your dog is so photogenic! :)

  2. alcesalces
    alcesalces ·

    Love the colors you achieved with the soup and the wide version of this frame :) like a cartoon 🖤

  3. lalouve
    lalouve ·

    @briany :) yes he is! And I am so thankful for that!! <3
    His stepfather never really wanted to be captured. It think he was superstitious and convinced I'd steal his soul with a photo! ;)

  4. lalouve
    lalouve ·

    @alcesalces actually I partly used colour filters though I don't remember properly for which pics..
    Thanks a lot! He is even behaving like a comic character and that's always brighten up my days :D

  5. alcesalces
    alcesalces ·

    @lalouve haha, I can imagine :)

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