THE 2ND FILM ROLL | 24th February 2020 |

My brother gave me his camera - Minolta Riva 35 QD, released in 1989, it's too hard to make it work because the film champer couldn't load the film cartridge although the mechanic checked and fixed. I was so sad >: But I didn't give up, I came back home, played with this camera, miracle maybe came, the film roll was loaded, it had some signs of reactivity. I took about 14 frames ( the film roll has 36 frames ) but the film counter returned at 0... Continue to take pictures fastly without thinking, due I am not sure about the result, I told my little sister to just laugh with a red rockfish. I waited anxiously for the lab scan this, SO SURPRISED! My camera still alive, it has about 14 double exposure frames ( I think it appeared when the film counter returned at 0 ), camera's flash is okay, up to now, the film champer has been out of control, the film counter will return at 0 in any time hahaha.

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