LomoChrome Metropolis First Test

Made a quick ISO sequence to see the differences in the results and found very subtle change in color temperature and exposure. I think I will stick with ISO 200 for the next roll....


  1. umeshu
    umeshu ·

    Thanks to make this study for the community! :D

  2. fisheyemary
    fisheyemary ·

    400 works good as well but 200 is better for the shadows, not so dark!

  3. somapic
    somapic ·

    @fisheyemary I really love the higher contrast look of the 400 ISO exposure esp after looking at it at a better monitor. But since I am hardly planning my shootings I will go for 200 ISO next time for the shadow details you mentioned :)

  4. somapic
    somapic ·

    @umeshu <3

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