1. rreeder
    rreeder ·

    What is the context of this photo? Thanks.

  2. lomonina
    lomonina ·

    @rreeder do you really need a context for this photo?

  3. rreeder
    rreeder ·

    Is it a dead dog, or cat, in the water? On dark asphalt pavement? It doesn't look like normal decomposition. Was it burned? Perhaps some context would fill the gaps. Thanks.

  4. lomonina
    lomonina ·

    @rreeder I found this poor cat in rainy day on the street😢. Probably the car hit her. She was already falling apart (as you can see) but on one side she still had fur. all the white things you can see around are worms, there was millions of them. i can not explain the smell. 😯

  5. rreeder
    rreeder ·

    Thanks for the info. I can see the photo better. It packs a punch. Before, there were too many questions, but now, it's a pretty strong photo. Thanks again.

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