Failure selfie family 😂 👸👩👴👨

Attending my paternal cousin's wedding at Savoy Homan hotel 🏨 Savoy Homan are the most famous hotel in my hometown Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, South East Asia since the dutch colonial era. Charlie Chaplin was stayed there during his visit in West Java in 1929. But this moment was my first time entering the amazing art deco architecture hotel which was designed by most famous art deco architect during the dutch colonial era, C.P Schoemaker who also the teacher of Indonesia first president. So I'm snap like crazy outside but crying inside because my slow speed mode was totally off since my camera fall down to the sea 😢🌊 --- bought this marvelous film with cheap price at hipercat lab Bandung which owned by @fajaryayat in 2015 🙌 also developed at the same place but re-scan at Chandra Foto Bandung

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