Late 😢 for free a hundred model 👸 @ Bandung Lautan Photographer 2016

After at my cousin's wedding at Savoy Homan hotel, I'm forcinv walked to Gedung Sate because I'm late for Bandung Lautan Photographer 2016 the annual free entry (at that time 😂😢) of hundred amateur/semi pro/professional model for all of photographer who want to join (ofcourse I really want because at daily time paying a model is an expensive thing for loser photosnaper but model lover like me 😜). The party was over but there are some of group who still shoot the model. I joined them as usual without the sound until their forced me to go away but I'm totally wrong. All of them even the oldest one are so friendly. He was curious with my wishlist winner 2014 lubitel camera and open the conversation with asking about it and he think it's cool still using the film. --- bought this marvelous film with cheap price in 2015 🙌 at hipercat lab Bandung which owned by @fajaryayat and developed at the same place but re-scan at Chandra Foto Bandung

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