1. lieutenant_pigeon
    lieutenant_pigeon ·

    Nice effect, looks almost like v old skool nitrate stock. Toning kit or cough, cough photoshop?

  2. princesspeach
    princesspeach ·

    @lieutenant_pigeon XP2 scanned as color! Bumped the density while scanning and added a little warmth. The 35mm doesn’t scan as warm as when I’ve shot and scanned XP2 as color which is a bummer but I still like the effect!

  3. princesspeach
    princesspeach ·

    Sorry I meant the 120 scans warmer @lieutenant_pigeon

  4. lieutenant_pigeon
    lieutenant_pigeon ·

    Brilliant shot, could be a still from a 1920's film. BTW I I notice your lab has something in common with where I live; Dover although I live in Dover, Kent, rather than Dover New Hampshire!

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